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Lack of association between the apolipoprotein E ε4 allele (APOE ε4) and chronic schizophreniaA simple approach to bond option pricingCD4+, HLA class I-restricted, cytolytic T-lymphocyte clone against primary malignant melanoma cellsAccurate molecular electrostatic potentials based on modified PRDDO/M wave functions. I. Electrostatic potential derived atomic chargesImpaired growth and differentiation of diploid but not immortal melanoblasts from endothelin receptor B mutant (piebald) micePerceived personal control (PPC): A new concept in measuring outcome of genetic counselingCommercially sponsored supplementsExpression of an oncogenic mutant EGF receptor markedly increases the sensitivity of cells to an EGF-receptor-specific antibody-toxinTT virus infection in patients with chronic hepatitis B or C: Influence on clinical, histological and virological featuresDuplication of chromosome region 8p23.1 ? p23.3: A benign variant?Epidemiology of osteochondrodysplasias: Changing trends due to advances in prenatal diagnosisPrenatal detection of a giant bilateral thoracic vascular lesion: prognostic evaluation and genetic aspectsAN INTRODUCTION TO SMOOTHING INCIDENCE RATES BY PENALIZED LIKELIHOODFINITE ELEMENT MODELLING FOR LAND DISPLACEMENTS DUE TO PUMPINGEvaluation of a familial predisposition to recurrent urinary tract infections in women