Idc199 provide 1G free space

idc199 10G traffic tie-meter space, 1G free space space: 1GB Monthly Traffic: 10GB binding domain: 20 database size: 1GB, FTP accounts: 5, the Jianzhan number: 3, kloxo Chinese panel.

The virtual host information will be sent to your mailbox, using a dedicated server CPU, DDR3 ECC memory, 1000M network bandwidth, and RAID10 hard to ensure that your data security. Special adjustment MYSQL, so you get more concurrent database connections. Full support for the the perfect php5 mysql5 selection of the world's leading in-class data center, equipped with high-quality high-performance hardware, you get the most optimized hardware during normal working hours and performance and gives you access to worry-free!

The whole Chinese apply to use interface, simple and convenient.

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