Hostisor 1G provides free php space, support for FTP/MySQL database / binding domain

Hostisor is a North American free virtual space, providing 1G capacity free php space, 50G monthly flow limitation, using the cPanel X control panel. WEB, FTP upload file management, support for PHP, Mysql database, to provide free e-mail services, and support to bind their own domain name, Free9 free resources network no independent domain name, there is no testing, interested friends can go to test. At present, Hostisor free space velocity is also good, no ads.
Web site: click here to enter for
Into the above Hostisor application page, fill in your own domain name, the next step, in " Why do you want free hosting? " is simply fill in your application for the free homepage space reasons, then the next step, click on the " Checkout " submit. Next is waiting for approval to open, generally within 24 hours will be opened, and will open the mail to you, the message which contains the cPanel control panel landing account number, password and other information, FTP. In the process of use, if you cannot read the place, you can use the Google translation help you online translation.