ChemicalServers free php space, support for FTP upload / domain name

ChemicalServers is a free php space from abroad, providing 250M free homepage space, monthly 5G flow restriction, the cPanel X control panel. WEB, FTP upload file management, support for PHP, CGI, Perl, Ruby, Mysql database. Offer a free two level domain, support to bind their own domain name, Free9 free resources network no independent domain name, so there is no testing, interested friends can go to test. The current Chemical Servers free space velocity is also good, no ads.
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Application of Chemical Servers free space is relatively simple, in accordance with the application step then, without verification e-mail, instant opened. On the Chemical Servers space Free9 registered Raiders, free web Xiaobian here is not detailed description. In the process of use, if you cannot read the place, you can use the Google translation help you online translation