987MB free PHP space, support for MySQL/ Web

987MB provides 1987M free PHP space, 1987M monthly flow limitation, to support Chinese well, not garbled. FTP, Web upload file management, a very strong function of the eXtend host management panel, support PHP, CGI, and provides 5 MySQL database, 1 free mailbox, no free two level domain name, need to bind your own domain name can apply for, if you are not readily available in more than name, you can apply for CO.CC free domain name to bind to.

Address: http://www.987mb.com

Click the above address into, "Get Access Now! " button, then click "ORDER NOW! " button to enter, first line is purchase a domain name, without it, your domain name to fill in the second line, and then the " Continue " button, then select " FREE " type host, the remaining steps according to the prompt operation.