VIP, education network can be accessed all over the China IP allocation table

Shanghai VIP and 81,000 (education network) to access the IP is almost the same, mainly as follows: (172c)—— chinanet-sh (63c)—— chinanet-sh (1B) 163--169 network address (31C)-Shanghai-phone Development Corporation 81,890 users (2B)-Shanghai University (1B)-China's State Science and Technology Commission of 81,000 received after dialing IP has three classes: (check the IP address method: Enter MS-DOS mode ipconfig); the best case, this is in the case of the line is free for most will get the IP. Practical use is also acting up. also good. is the most miserable, (online rush hour), seems to be nothing agent either.

Solution: keep, up to (troubles) UNNET network companies in Shanghai Shanghai company Shanghai Shenzhen dawn Network Division YI CHU of Shanghai trading company Shanghai Junior College of metallurgy motor in Shanghai Junior College of technology Shanghai Institute of foreign trade Shanghai Economic Management College Shanghai University of electric power Shanghai chemical industry College Shanghai Institute of Commerce and technology Shanghai middle school education information center Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai China net users development of Shanghai telephone Corporation Shanghai 169 users Shanghai 169 dial-in user Shanghai 163 of 169 network address Shanghai 81,000 Shanghai Volkswagen automotive company Shanghai Jiao Tong University North Shanghai Telecom company Northern Telecom, China Sales Department Shanghai SHSCO Corporation users in CHINANET-SH users in Shanghai Shanghai hotline public network
Shanghai CHINANET-SH user in Shanghai Shanghai 81,000 dial-in user Shanghai education network information center Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai Medical University Shanghai University Shanghai second Medical University Shanghai tiedao University Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Shanghai education and research network Shanghai Education Commission information center Shanghai Junior College of public security Shanghai Shanghai Fudan University Shanghai Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch Shanghai Oriental Netscape dialup users Shanghai jitong dial-in user Shanghai economic information network development of Shanghai telephone Corporation