Teaching class of FREE agent scans the first lesson: Agent preparation course: basic concepts

Starting from today, will enter the FREE-agent scan class learning, agent technology is a very important lesson, I hope you treat!
Agent not only for network access faster, protect their IP, IP and you can access our own site that cannot be accessed directly.
The proxy server (Proxy Server) server that is between the browser and the Web server, which is a proxy network users to obtain network information. Using a proxy server can improve access speed, access to some Web site, connect Internet cannot directly access acts as a firewall, network IP address shortage problem solving, as well as enhance the security of Terminal performance. For those of us searching for PS helps us access to some of my IP can not access the database.
FREE agent scan technology is cracking master must master the technology, without the ability to obtain a great deal of valid proxy, cracking tools are always in the hands of running all the time, or a password that did not come out is to seal off the proxy server IP.
Select use proxy's three main reasons: free, never expires; support HTTP, Socks4/5, such as FTP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP, covers almost all network protocols; proxy client number.
In addition, it has three advantages: just install