Magical effect of proxy Hunter

We finally get proxy before, ready to give up, even if there is no closure, are often not near, hard to go to, people with easy to use, you may not necessarily fast, no alternative I made up a batch, find all PROXY PING all over again (that is, under the DOS Windows PING XXX. XXX. XXX. XXX), find the fastest one, but proxy go to TW would be out of the global village, with more people, and, what a!@#$% agent Hunter appears, enable us to greatly widened the road of the world, he's not just simple search proxy, the most useful is the Verify feature. are summarized as follows:

1. we first modified in its setting:
Key Word: Welcome to NetEase
Key word you can select the content in the page title
Of course, you can choose a domestic faster Web site, aims can be verified quickly, tended to be little chance of

2. search 8080,3128,80 to find all the proxy first. delete useless addresses

3. If you want to go to the global village (, fill in the following content in a setting, and then click Verify all revalidation, and selected the fastest, you get to fastest proxy, if you go to TW orHK method for the same
Verify (are you going to address)
Key word:GeoCities-The (the address keyword you can select content in the title of the page)
Sets main settings dialog box and verify that the parameters of the search, described as follows:
Connection time out-connection timeout (in seconds), if you are not connected to the host in this time, you give up the connection to the host.
Parallel connections-number of concurrent connections, that is, the maximum number of simultaneous connections and verify that is clearly a larger and faster search, but at the same time a network connection in the Win95-98 is limited, if the value is too large, you
Affects other network applications up and running.
Verify time out-authentication timeout (seconds), including verification time, connection time if this time is exceeded or not validated that conclusion, it timed out and discarded authentication.
Verify network resources used by the URL-to verify addresses, are you familiar with the page address.
Key words-authentication uses a character string, focus on making sure the source file in the strings of the string and not necessarily the page displayed.
Auto proxy use proxy at port-whether to use the automatic scheduling feature, and this procedure as an intermediate-level proxy port number for the service. In the browser proxy setting for the machine's IP address and the port number, you can use the automatic scheduling feature.