How to choose a good proxy?

For all of your proxy server (hereinafter referred to as agents) is not new: choosing a good agent, you can improve Internet speed, access, otherwise can not access or access very slow Web site. However, some users use proxy search software such as such as ProxyHunter, PortScanner, often harms others without benefiting oneself: they not only increases the burden of your ISP, but also other users of Internet speed. Below, I will choose a proxy server experience for everyone, with a view to achieve the purpose of exchange of experience.

First, identify your IP
You can log on a BBS or use any software to get its own IP address find IP. If you are connected to the Internet over the LAN, that your IP will be fixed, namely your firewall's IP. If you are dial-up Internet access, your IP is variable, that is, every time you go online, your IP number two is changing.

Second, get the latest proxy lists
Many agents have time, so select the agent you want to find a resource list of sites at least once weekly update. Under the current Web site know, is really the only agent 365 network daily updated proxy site!

Third, check the best agent
1. a cycle of testing
Enter the "MS-DOS mode" window. Fu Hou Ping command to check the tip of each agent.
For example: in the check list (proxy's IP is, the port is 80)
Pinging host [] with 32 bytes of data
Reply from Time=86ms TTL=255
Reply from Time<>
Request time out
Reply from Time=86ms TTL=255
The above information is useful to us in Time and TTL (dwell time). Larger TTL value, means that the connection more stable. Time value larger the notes agent sends data to your computer longer. So, we are looking for agent of the Time value is small, the TTL value. You can select the ideal formula based on my experience of the agent:
When 250 ≤ TTL ≤ 256, the maximum cannot exceed 1200ms Time;
When 240 ≤ TTL<>
When 230 ≤ TTL<>
When 200 ≤ TTL<>
Dang TTL<>
2. stability test
Here we would like to Request time out (transfer timeouts) to 5 cycles of testing. Methods are as follows:
C:\>Ping -t
When the Reply of 20 or more rows displayed on the screen from ... you can use CTRL-c to stop.
If the agent is very rare Request time out, this agent is very stable, there is no packet loss.
3. port test
Finally, launch IE or Netscape, fill in the desired location you wish to test the proxy address and port number. Enter you cannot connect any usual or regular Web site address for the connection timeout. See if you can connect, if you can connect, you have found a very good agent. If you fail, do not lose heart, follow the above steps again try step by step, will be able to find a good agent.
4. use the same subnet of the agent
If you find a lot of easy to use agent, according to the principles of choice, preferably with your agent on the same subnet.
For example, my IP is, then the above the first two digits of the agent, and I have the same IP, in General, is to belong to the same subnet.
Using the agents in the same subnet, Time<>

Four, determine the legitimacy of agent
Access http: ∥, select the Check Proxy Anonymity linked, enter you find a proxy IP address and port number, and after about a minute, it will tell you to use a proxy to be anonymous or non-anonymous. If it is anonymous, so you can rest assured that ventured to use; if it is not, please send a confirmation letter to the Agency's Webmaster, ask if you can use their agent.

Five, use MultiProxy software
MultiProxy is a multi-agent scheduling software written by foreigners, which you request can be sent through a different proxy. For example: has 4 GIF pictures, two of the HTM file and a JPG file, MultiProxy sends a request to an agent and transferred 4 GIF, meanwhile, sends a request to another agency and HTM, JPG file. In this way, slow access bottleneck problems naturally resolved. Please follow the previous four steps will find the agent fills in this software (. txt file will be saved in the second step import), and your browser's proxy settings as 127., ports 8,000 (can be changed in the MultiProxy).
MultiProxy work is like this: set up multiple Proxy addresses, when a browser page request is issued at the same time making a request to the Proxy Server, and then work together in multiple Proxy servers, the page back to the browser. It works as a network of ants, MultiProxy, you can see each Proxy Server transfer is, to break a page consists of several servers back, which can greatly speed up the transmission speed.
Describes methods for adding Proxy Server address to the MultiProxy below: first open the MultiProxy, then click Add Porxy Server list → OPTIONS → add a Proxy address that you use. If you have multiple Proxy addresses, you can use the import function. Specific methods: Proxy address will be saved as a text file in the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:PPPP, where XXX is the Proxy address you use, PPPP to port (Port), a pedestrian fight a Proxy address, filing OPTIONS → select Import list in the Server list, find your file of the text file, double-click it. In addition you can also use the Export all export feature to export the Proxy address to another computer after continued use.
MultiProxy is a English software, download on this site.
Last reminder, don't forget to set the Proxy in the browser as 127., port number, to 8,080. In IE5 for example, click Tools → Internet Options → connections in the dial-up settings and select your Internet connection, and then click settings in the "proxy server" the tick before, fill in the address 127., ports filled 8,080 on it.