Watch NBA Finals 2011 Live Online

After all the tough battles in the NBA Playoffs, the top 2 teams will be facing each other during the best of 7 NBA Finals 2011. None of the teams from last year’s finals will be there, rather, Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heats will be fighting it out in this year’s finals.
According to Bodog, the Miami Heat have the odds in their favor heading into the 2011 NBA Finals opposite the Dallas Mavericks. The vagaries of the NBA Finals schedule, the league uses a 2-3-2 format, with Game 5 in the lower seed’s home arena (Dallas, in this case) and Games 6 and 7 back in the high seed’s gym (Miami) — impact the odds a bit.
Heats are riding high after signing up LeBron James last year. Dallas Mavericks too aren’t any pushovers with many of their players in top form in recent games. The Dallas vs Heats NBA Finals will kick off tonight at 9PM ET. The second game is on June 2 2011. Both the games will be in Miami. The third and fourth games will be played at Dallas on June 5th and June 7th.
ABC will be telecasting the NBA Finals 2011 live, starting at 8pm CDT. In case you are not near the television, but wish to follow the games closely, head over to or to get the latest scores. You can even download the ESPN ScoreCenter app or Watch ESPN app for iPhone and Android. In case you are interested to watch nba finals online, below are some links.

Watch NBA Finals 2011 Online – Mavericks vs Heats

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1. Watch NBA Finals 2011 online for free on or
2. Watch Mavericks vs Heats NBA finals online on

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