7 ways to Start Selling E-Books earn money

Here are 8 ways you can start selling e-books. Most of them are free and easy to follow. Some will require expertise or a modest investment. In any case, the benefits and profit from selling e-books make it worthwhile to try them all.

Make Money Selling eBooks Online Just Like Any Other Product

I’ve mentioned some of my own eBay history in my past articles on the auction site, and while my personal experiences as an eBay PowerSeller were not very easy, I do know that any product which you have an unlimited supply of and a high demand for do very wellthere.
Selling e-Books On Forums
Online communities are good places for advertising and selling e-books - though you'll have to be smart about doing it. You can't walk into a discussion group and blatantly pitch your ebook.

Selling e-Books On Your Blog

Writing comes natural to ebook authors. Blogging is an easy way to turn your writing skills into a traffic magnet, attracting prospects to your website where they can get your ebook.

Selling e-Books By Direct Mail
Expensive, if you don't know what you're doing - but potentially very profitable if you do. The advantage is you can target your audience by interest, and avoid the clutter of web-based or email advertising. The drawback is the cost of printing and mailing out advertising copy, and the expertise needed to convert a meaningful number into buyers.

Selling e-Books To Your List

If you already have a mailing list of subscribers, previous buyers or prospects, you can start selling e-books to your list. Just a simple email or letter mailed to them can result in a fair number of them buying your e-books.

Start building your list today. When you write articles, invite readers to join your list. When you create special reports, ask for contact details before handing over the report. Offer to mail out a sample chapter of your ebook to anyone who gives you their mailing address.

Selling e-Books Through Joint Ventures

Even if you're starting out with no list, no contacts and no marketing budget, you can leverage your relationship with other 'players' in your niche by selling e-books to their contacts.

Selling e-Books Via Classified Ads

Not easy to do, but could work in some markets. A lot depends on the content of your ebook, the nature of your audience and the power of your ad copy.