10 Quick ways to Increase Your Email Marketing

1)Strategically promote your e-mail newsletters.Don't: Buy or rent e-mail lists

2)Keep your subject line short: In general, subjects under 40 characters get opened twice as often (exceptions? Yes of course)

3)Keep it short and simple.Don't: Waste too much time crafting the e-mail.

4)Use 10-12 Words Per Line For Easy Reading.Put your call to action above the fold: Make it crystal clear what action the reader should take next.

6) Qualify the e-mail addresses and information about the people and the organizations they represent. Don't: Carpet e-mail blast every address in your database.

7)Keep images small for fast loading: Under 30K please. And don't forget the the alt tags.

8) Use numbered lists or bullets points: Just like...well...you get the idea.

9) Create value in your e-mailing. Don't: Attempt to sell with no utility for your subscribers.

10)Allow users several ways to opt-out. Don't: Neglect preferences.Your thoughts are welcome. Go make yourself some money!