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Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 ways to get quality free link for you website's

Where you can get these free links can be a question asked by web marketers. You can get these free links from the following:

  • You can get free links from web directories. When you submit your website to these web directories you can have chances of getting links in here.
  • If you start a blog and it becomes popular you can have plenty of followers. You can get links from these people and you need only to post frequent updates to your blogs.
  • Write an article and submit it to the popular article directories. These are very popular and have lots of followers and you can have free links from their followers.
  • Have your contents bookmarked by the popular social bookmarking sites like Digg or Del.icio.us and link from these sites. Social bookmarking has acquired much popularity and they have lots of followers where you can have free links also.
  • Blog directories like Squidoo and Hubpages are popular sites where if you can submit your blog contents in these sites you can acquire potential free links. These sites have acquired popularity and have lots of followers also.
  • Create a Facebook fan page and gets lots of fans so you will have great chances of getting free links. Just ensure that your popularity in this site will grow so that you can have lots of fans and potential free links.
  • Create an account with Twitter and when you already have lots of followers you will have good chances of getting free links. Make frequent tweets to increase your number of followers.
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