5 ways to make money on line for free

There are also some little money ways that take some time but make more money.

1.You can sign up to sell affiliate products or promote getting signups for people who pay for leads, do really good keyword research for those niches to find what will get targetted traffic, set up a free account at animoto and create short videos for that product to entice people to the affiliate link, then post them on video sites.

This can make you $3 - $15 a month. If you make 10 a week, in a month or two you could be making $90 - $450 a month and if you keep it up, it can grow. This is time consuming because you have to create traffic for each one but it is totally free.

You can also create free blogs, squidoo lenses or facebook fan pages to promote affiliate links.

2.Register a weebly domain name, A site like yourname.weebly.com(not exactly your name lol)

If you have adsense then coool if not get some other adsense alternative like speedyads by entireweb(Instant Activation)

 Convert your new weebly website to a good looking and full of valuable contents and publish your site

Do some SEO or try to get as much possibleto your new weebly site and you will surely make some money.

3.You can try Chitika.com and kontera.com to monetize your website. They are the best adsense alternative and free to join.

4.writing articles for Constant Content. Not huge amounts,you can made between $25 and $75 per month , but enough to fund  other internet projects

5.make money online with PLR articles,you can read this article: 5 Ways to make money online using FREE PLR articles